Whatever Bootylicious

What are you implying Bootleg? I was out with my girlfriends on Saturday night shaking our thang on the dancefloor.

Don't tell me, you told Ichi that I was with you (again!!!). It's a lie Ichi!!

Bootleg, I can't believe you are allowing people to get verticals on you - you are slacking! Next you'll be telling me that Ichi has been getting verticals on you!!Quite clearly you are missing the Foxy!!!!

Don't worry I will be on tonight about 10pm. Oh sorry I forgot - that's your bed time, so I won't be able to speak you tonight!!!!! Unlucky!!



Ezo suks lol

First he says he is leaving then as he is doing the process of quiting the room Ezo gets a damn Vertical on me  and even says sorry that he did not try to do it , yeah whatever your going down....

Updates 12-08-2007

I've done some more work on the website today.

Another 3 points

come on Bootleg, come on Bootleg

boy do I feal rough today, I just want to crawl under a very large stone and die, now I know how it feals to be you ichienkai, ichi, Lee damn dude unlucky.

I want more

I have 36 addiction points, be afraid people... not bad for a guy who does not  own a PC......

right urm how do I get more, I want more


Just read an article in The Sun Today on the Dangers of heavy drinking. Scared the crap out of me!!!! So thats it after Today no more reading....


A Great Start To My Day....

I was trundling along on my high powered motorcycle (whatever! its a 125cc!) this morning minding my own business and all of sudden i'm skating down the road on my ass - both me and bike stop under the rear bumper of this big Citreon thing.  A Huge guy climbs out (he did brake sort of abruptly) and is like "Damn man are you ok??? Dont worry about the damage, its a hire car im not bothered!!"  How lucky is that?

Updates 11-08-2007

I've been doing some work on the user profiles page the last couple of days. You should check out your own profile and fill out the blanks because I've added some new fields. I've also added the BurnoutAholics Achievements. You can setup achievement 1 - 7 yourself. The rest is awarded by the BurnoutAholics Team. I have also added (or will add) two more achievements to the list. I will probably go through the user profiles next week to award achievements 8 - 12 to people that  have earned them.


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