Exit. I'll take a 50/50, definitely phoning a friend and I don't trust the audience.

The person who came up with Brexit, must have been racist's (that is a strong statement Suf? I know, but this a blog and IMHO counts? Yes?No?). It should have been called EU Referendum, Leave or Stay, in the European Union. Not. Get out U! Or there is the exit, leave... The person who came up with it wanted out and wanted you to think out, 'other' people out, too. And Bropen would have upset too many people, and let more people in for hugs and stuff.

Dangerous Golf reviewish and tangents in History of Burnout

When children play, they are so focused playing that it takes a Shout of their name to pull them from their fantasy world of 'play'.

Dangerous Golf, can bring out that child in anyone, that knows how to hold a controller.

As most of my readers know I really enjoyed the Burnout games, Takedown and Revenge being favourites. I like to race and take people down for fun, I enjoy the competitive racing of Revenge, and the road rage of Takedown. I loved Burnout 2 but no online play puts it 3 on the list.

Old But not Forgotten

I would like to start off by saying that I love that this site is still up and running. I have always loved these games and loved the memories I have made racing a lot of you. I hope Xandu and Zombie are doing well and wish their family well! I love that I can come back here after a long period and just reminisce. From being known as Hyperion, Sonic, and Xedec from that 17-18 year old kid I was playing Burnout revenge with the lot of you. 28 years old now married and have a daughter with another on the way. It is my pleasure to have been a part of this community, I always will be.

Hallo from Germany

Hello everyone!

I'm Heiko, 19 years old and from Germany!


Is that what it's called? Anyway, cool, arcade racing, even including an "insert coin" to make it authentically arcadey! Could this be the beginning of the return of the arcade racer??? :) I have been living under a rock, so it's possible I have missed a whole generation!

hello to all you Burners

we hope you might like our forthcoming game. it's coming for ps4, pc and xbox one.

and just to say...

we havent forgotten about you guys....and we've been really busy for the past year or so.


Hello there,

I've enjoyed playing Burnout for years - particularly Paradise, which I put many, many hours into. I used to play online with some of the Road Cru a long time ago, but strangely never signed up over here. It's sad that so much of the community seems to have disappeared. I used to follow Criterion a lot - I got hooked on the podcasts and I still remember the days of the ill-fated official forum.

UPDATES 10-10-2015

The site has been down for maintenance for the last 20 minutes. All patches and updates have been applied successfully. If everything has worked as it should you will not notice any changes :-)



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